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Jackie Robinson “Stealing Home” Original Painting by Dick Perez Available Now at Goldin Auctions.

A brand-new artwork recreating Jackie in his most familiar, most iconic diamond domain: Stealing home. And not just any theft of home, but Robinson’s very first of a modern-era record 19 career times. The milestone came on June 24, 1947, against Pittsburgh’s battery duo of Fritz Ostermueller (who had viciously beaned Jackie a month earlier) and Dixie Howell (one of Jackie’s former teammates in Montreal and future teammates in Brooklyn).

Spanning an expansive 2 feet x 3 feet, the epic scene bears an Impressionist style, a radiant color palette, thickly daubed brush strokes, and a mixture of sand and aggregate flakes to the paint to achieve the perfect textural effect for the dirt around home plate.

Jackie Stealing Home